About The Owner

Esther Futch (Essie)


 Essie is the founding C.E.O of Brighter Side Learning LLC. She is a lively, and compassionate soul that is full of life and laughter. Helping others achieve their potential and seeing them thrive has always brought her deep fulfillment. Essie is a mother of 3 handsome, nature loving and active boys that both her and her husband of 15+ years home school and raise. With her background as a Nanny of 10+ years, working for prominent companies that cater to distinguished clientele, she utilizes her extensive experience in the field of childcare; along with her natural abilities, and love for children to now cater to the needs of many families through B.S.L. Consistent with her character is the natural ability to connect with, cultivate minds and inspire children of all ages. Using a positive holistic approach, she engages and equips children for their future and prepares them to make their imprint in the world around them. She has created curriculum's for various age groups, and founded and managed programs and activities in church and in her field of work. With a strong background in youth leadership, founding children ministries, and leading worship teams, her abilities as a founder and visionary has thrived. She is more than excited to offer families a quality early educational experience  through B.S.L

"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."

- Albert Einstein -.