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About Brighter Side Learning


 Brighter Side Learning is an Early Learning Program hosted in nature. A place for parents and children to come together; imagine, create, explore, and learn in a playful, lively, energetic atmosphere! 

What better atmosphere than in nature, where the rhythm and the muse, inspires and connects everything inside of you! Tingling senses and engaging minds, when you look up, you won't believe the time! Rain or shine, we venture into a world of discovery and we've framed it where parents,  guardians, and/or caregivers are partnering with us in their child's educational journey.

There is an entire support network for parents & families that include parental courses. Foremost, our instructors encourage and nurture the creative and structural development of each child at their learning pace. Our program is designed with the developmental milestones of all age groups involved.  

Quality Instructors


When you love the environment and have loving, knowledgeable, supportive and engaged instructors, learning becomes a joy. Our Certified Lead Instructors are passionate about what they teach and the families and children they impact. They bring great enthusiasm into their classes, and continuous learning through play and discovery.  The experience always begins with a warm greeting as each Instructor takes their class through an animated journey. They use daily routines to bond with babies, toddlers and children; and provide cognitive stimulation through song, puppeteer, verbal cues & communication, memory, word identification, sound and color. This is just a snippet of methods we utilize to engage minds. Join us for a class to experience more! 

Creative Learning


The following is a list of some of the developmental milestones that is at  the heart of our curriculum: physical development, cognitive/mental development, social/emotional development, language development,behavioral development and self-help development. In order to engage minds and promote developmental growth, the art of play has been identified as an essential tool in education. Using this powerful tool along with music; art, movement and play, featured toys, instruments, and puppets, we engage their minds and interest as they learn and grow. Activities that incorporate structured learning, free play, and self guided learning are included in every class. Furthermore, research proves playing outside increases attention spans, reduces stress & anxiety, promotes social skills, and improves holistic wellness; which is one of the many reasons why our playing field is in the heart of nature.