Complimentary I.E & Drop In Information



Join us for a one time informational experience. During this time, you will enjoy a sample of some of what we offer through our nature learning program. We provide more information  and answer your questions at the end of the class. Bring your child and get ready for a memorable time with B.S.L. See why nature learning is one of the greatest gifts that you can gift yourself and your little one.  Register today!

Drop In ServicE & Fee


Tried the complimentary class but you'd like to experience more? Your caregiver/Nanny took the complimentary class, but you would like to try it? No problem, B.S.L offers up to two (Drop-In Classes) in a consecutive 2 week time-frame at $25.00 per class. This is not a prorated fee and cannot be used when paying for registration. Payments are accepted on the site. You can also pay at the class site via Square or cash. All cc payments include a processing fee. Use an alternate form of payment to avoid these fees.

B.S.L's Flex Program

3 month cycles to come for 2020-2021